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We've collected (completely confidential) data on over 30k technology startups in the past 15 years.


We're at a later stage today, but these benchmarks are the same ones that we used to grow into a public company. There's real potential in this information and real potential for companies who use it.


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Growing more than peers?

You know you want to grow fast. But just how fast is "fast"? Use our up-to-date industry growth benchmarks to compare.

Should you raise?

Everyone you ask seems to have a different opinion... Cut through the possibilities with real data and real case studies.

Found product-market fit?

Compare contract value and customer retention benchmarks across different sectors.

Are you being efficient?

How do you compare on standard industry profitability metrics? Check out our capital efficiency metrics!

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SaaSPI has helped us become very metrics-driven... If you’re marketing, how many leads should that produce, what should sales reps’s quotas be... All of its just a big formula that we can work back from. We’re trying to hit these targets, so we need to do these things...